Interested in living a dream – or at least hearing about it every day?

Does working for a highly-energetic, bordering-on-looney employer sound… intriguing? If not, stop reading. Because we would not be compatible.

If you are willing to be a part of our crazy little company, we’d love to have you join us!

We’re Chippewa Valley Growers.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • We thrive on smiles. We want our customers to not only feel they got the best we can offer, but we want them to tell the world!
  • Want to question our intentions, our motives, and our decisions?  Heck ya! Go ahead, be a risk taker and help make us better.
  • While confidence is good, cockiness is not, and while you’re at it, save the drama for stage (by the way, in case you’re wondering, we don’t actually have a stage). We are diligent workers. We work hard and we play hard, and we expect the same from you.
  • We want a leader by nature, not by title. People follow you because you set a precedence of excellence, compassion, pride in your work, joy in life, kindness, and humility. Is this you? Yes? Then you should work with us!!!
  • We also want to grow (pun intended), evolve, dream bigger, and become better…  so while we want you to respect the past, we also don’t want you to be afraid to try something new. It’s okay to fail.

  • Does tedium make you nauseous? Who wants to go to work when you know what to expect? How boring! Challenges make you grow (again, with the pun!) and blossom (we can’t stop!). There is no better way to flourish than to take on a challenge and conquer it. We dream big – we expect our employees to do the same.
  • Our optimism for every day is a constant, and we expect you to be equally optimistic, to share in our dream, and bring your creative energy to everything you do.
  • This business was built on a man’s dream and the backs of his family. We will always respect that and expect you to do the same.
  • Working in this environment is not always ideal. You must be prepared to be dirty, wet, humid, hot or cold. Hours may include early mornings, evenings, and weekends. Oh, and leave your watch at home because your day will fly by.

Our values are simple, and we want someone who shares in them.


As crazy as they can be, they’re all we have at the end of the day. We know ours is important and we know yours is important, too.


We are blessed, we know it, and we won’t forget it.


What is life if it isn’t enjoyed? Make the best of it by sharing your playfulness with us and our customers.


(Look out – we’re about to get mushy.) We know not every day is a bungee jump from a skyscraper and we acknowledge that everyone has different needs, hopes, and desires. Respect for that is paramount from everyone.

What? Still reading? Awesome!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we take the work VERY seriously.

By now, you can surely sense our humor and playfulness.

Whiners need not apply.

Please take a little time to tell us a little about yourself in the short form below. If we feel like you might be a good fit for our family, we will be in touch with you shortly! Thank you for your time!

Employment Vetting Form