Like to start your own seedlings or the satisfaction of direct sowing? We have some of the best, high-quality seed options with our Olds Seed varieties including:


  • Beans (Blue Lake, Contender, Slenderette, Home Run, Detroit Dark Red, Royal Burgundy)
  • Beets (Early Wonder Tall Top, Detroit Dark Red)
  • Broccoli (Super Blend Hybrid)
  • Carrot (Danvers, Tender Sweet, Chantenay)
  • Cauliflower (Snow Crown)
  • Chard (Technicolor)
  • Corn (Bodacious, Serendipity)
  • Cucumber (Muncher)
  • Gourd (Small Blend)
  • Herbs (Cilantro, Dill Bouquet, Dill Mammoth, Basil, )
  • Pea (Oregon Giant, Super Sugar Snap)
  • Kale (Curled Scotch, Black Magic, Red Russian)
  • Kohlrabi (Purple Vienna)
  • Lettuce ( Buttercrunch, Oak Leaf, Salad Bowl Green and Red Mix,)
  • Melon (Heart of Gold)
  • Onion ( Nebuka White)
  • Parsley (Italian Giant)
  • Pea (Super Sugar, Snap, Sugar Daddy)
  • Pepper, Sweet (Rainbow Blend)
  • Pumpkin (Warty Thing)
  • Radish (Cherry Belle)
  • Rutabaga (Amer Pure)
  • Spinach (Red Malabar, Bloomsdale)
  • Squash (Butterboy, Buttercup, Raven, Seabring, Table King, Vegetable Spaghetti)
  • Swiss Chard (Rainbow Blend)
  • Watermelon (Sugar Baby)
  • Specialty Seed Tapes (Carrot, Scarlet Nantes)
  • Specialty Seed Tapes (Lettuce, Salad Bowl)
  • Specialty Seed Tapes (Radish, Sparkler)


  • Fix N Grow
  • Nasturtium (Whirlybird)
  • Cosmos (Sensation)
  • Morning Glory (Grandpa, Heavenly Blue)
  • Sunflower (Autumn Bounty, Evening Sun)
  • Bachelor Button (Polka Dot Dwarf Mix)
  • Sweet Pea (Old Spice Antiques)

If you already know what you want, wonderful!

If not, also wonderful! Ask any of our terrifically-trained team to walk you through what’s right for you!

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