Landscape Maintenance Program

Imagine a world where your perennials bloom joyfully year after year, your shrubs stay perfectly pruned, and your landscape radiates aesthetic appeal. That’s the magic of our maintenance – preventing overgrown chaos, replacing weary plants, and keeping those pesky weeds at bay. It’s like a spa day for your landscape!

We will recommend the frequency of service (monthly, weekly, twice a year), but in the end, you decide!

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Breakdown Breakdown

Spring Cleanup and Landscape Maintenance:

As the world awakens from winter slumber, our team sweeps in for a spring party with your landscape. We tidy up dead leaves, prune away winter’s remnants, fertilize for a burst of energy, apply a granular weed preventer, and plant in-ground splashes of color with fresh annual blooms or replace perennials that didn’t make the winter – all while ensuring your mulch is on point.

Summer Landscape Maintenance:

Summer is a celebration of life, and we ensure your landscape joins the festivities. We deadhead perennials, prune spring bloomers such as azaleas or rhododendrons, tackle evergreens, plant vibrant annuals/perennials, and make sure weeds know they’re not invited.

Fall Landscape Maintenance:

As leaves descend, we cut back perennials, prune trees and shrubs, and clear debris. It’s the final act of the growing season, preparing your landscape for a cozy winter’s rest.

Year-Round Color Subscription:

Elevate your landscape with bursts of color that reflect the season’s spirit. Our Year-Round Color Subscription, available in spring, summer, fall, and winter, adds that extra dash of pizzazz.

Choose your season, and we’ll provide a mix of professionally selected annuals, perennials, and tropicals that fit your style for optimum performance in your location. You can bring your pots, or we can pick them up and deliver them. And here’s a little secret – if you sign up for maintenance and color, we’ll blend the magic, ensuring your outdoor oasis is in full bloom.

Ready to Dive In? Let's Spruce Things Up!

Your landscape’s journey to brilliance starts with a click or a call. Learn more about our Landscape Maintenance program, explore the wonders of seasonal care, and imagine the color explosions with our Year-Round Color service. Ready to transform your landscape? Shoot us an email at info@chippewavalleygrowers.com or give us a
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“Thank you and your team so much for the wonderful work that was done at our facility. We have had so many compliments about the work and the way the crew worked. I cannot say enough about the great job your crew did. I hope that your company enjoyed working with us as well.”
Carl Awe, Maintenance Manager
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