Year-Round Color Subscription

Elevate Your Space with
CVG’s Year-Round Color Subscription!

Welcome to Chippewa Valley Growers, where your dream of personalized plant perfection comes to life! Our custom pot Year-Round Color Subscription transforms your ideas into breath-taking arrangements that reflect your unique style. Your wish, our command!

What Are Custom Pots?

Custom pots are your canvas; we are the artists, turning your imagination into a living masterpiece. From pots and hanging baskets to window boxes, we plant the seeds of your vision and nurture them into vibrant reality through our Year-Round Color Subscription. Don’t have a container you would like to use? No problem! We have dozens of beautiful ones to choose from.

Seasons, Choices, and More!

Selecting which plan works best for you is as unique as your porch. Choose from:

Seasonal Splendor: Rotate your blooms with the seasons – fall, winter, spring, summer!

Single Season Choice: Pick the season that suits your mood or garden theme.

On-Demand Custom Pots: Want something unique? Whenever you want it, we’re here!

For Homeowners:

  • Blooms That Wow: Enjoy a front patio planter or a cascade of hanging baskets that steal the show.
  • Time Well Spent: We handle the dirt; you relish the beauty.
  • Ready When You Are: Your custom creation blooms when the weather turns warm.

For Businesses:


  • Corporate Bloom Partnerships: Elevate your space with rotating seasonal displays both outdoors and indoors.
  • Employee Gifts: Say “Thank You” with a gift that keeps on blooming.
  • Office Greenery: Enhance the entrance to your business and your workspace with custom-designed pots.
  • Keep it All Looking Sharp: Need some assistance with keeping your pots looking beautiful and full with fertilizer, maintenance of plants (not including watering), plant replacement (if necessary)? We offer that service too!

Getting Started is Easy!

1. Choose Your Program: Every season, one season, two seasons, or on-demand – options aplenty.

2. Connect with Us: Reach out via phone or email to discuss your program details and preferences.

3. Let the Magic Begin: Our expert team swings into action! Whether we design in one of your favorite pots or you choose one of our beautiful options, we know you will love the outcome.

4. Patience is a Virtue: As planting for your select season(s) begins, we cultivate your custom pot with our healthy, hardy plants for sturdy, long-lasting beauty.

5. Delivery Delight: Schedule a pickup or delivery when your pot is ready to grace your porch.

Ready to transform your space into a personalized oasis? The journey begins now! Give us a call or drop us an email to start your Year Round Color Subscription today!

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