Chippewa Valley Growers has been Eau Claire’s greenhouse since 1989.

Chippewa Valley Growers sprouted from the minds of Dean Carstensen and his partner Don Brandt in 1989 and grew into a dream for John, Jessi, Ben and Addison Kelly. It’s the way the Kelly Family looks at the world — loving life’s simple pleasures and a desire to leave a positive legacy that led the family to Chippewa Valley Growers.

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The Kelly Family’s Foundation

The Kelly family’s foundation is built on values of family, faith, fellowship and a work ethic built on honesty, humility, and gratitude.

They work tirelessly to ensure that Chippewa Valley Growers reflects those same values to their customer family.

Some people call us a greenhouse. Some people call us a nursery. Some people call us a garden center.

But once they’re here, they all call us special.

When you cross that threshold into Emerald City, we think you will, too.

Come grow with us.