Want to give your clients or employees
a unique experience?

Hi there. John Kelly here.

Chippewa Valley Growers (CVG) is proud to be Western Wisconsin’s choice for the best plants, trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

Whether you’re an expert gardener or don’t know where to start, let our family of experts—who genuinely, generously love to help others grow—find what you need, and help you build a garden that will thrive from spring through fall.

Some people call us a greenhouse.
Some people call us a nursery.
Some people call us a garden center.

But once they’re here, they all call us special.

When you cross that threshold into Emerald City,
we think you will, too.

Specialty Services

Custom Outdoor Floral Arrangement Installs

Are you looking to spruce up the outside of your home or business? Let Chippewa Valley Growers help! We offer custom installs of annuals to enhance the appearance of your building. If you favor flowers, we help you choose your ideal plants… and plant them for you, too!

Let Us Build Your Custom Potted Plant

Your unique arrangement will be ready and beautiful when the weather turns warm. From a front patio planter to an array of hanging baskets, we do the dirty work for you so you can spend more time enjoying your custom flower and plant arrangement.

Join The CVG Produce Plus Program!

We’re growing one heck of a garden. And we want YOU to reap the delicious and nutritious rewards.

With CVG’s Produce Plus, you’ll know exactly where your fresh food is coming from. Grown with the same love, attention, and care that we give our flowers and plants.

Landscape Maintenance Program

Imagine a world where your perennials bloom joyfully year after year, your shrubs stay perfectly pruned, and your landscape radiates aesthetic appeal. That’s the magic of our maintenance – preventing overgrown chaos, replacing weary plants, and keeping those pesky weeds at bay. It’s like a spa day for your landscape!

Year-Round Color Subscription

From pots and hanging baskets to window boxes, we plant the seeds of your vision and nurture them into vibrant reality through our Year-Round Color Subscription. Don’t have a container you would like to use? No problem! We have dozens of beautiful ones to choose from.

CVG Business Share Produce Plus Program!

Picture expressing gratitude to your employees with a weekly supply of farm-fresh goodness, conveniently delivered straight to your office. It’s as simple as becoming the proud shareholder of our esteemed garden.

We're Hiring a Horticultural MASTER


A Horticultural Master Grower is responsible for maintaining the established plant quality of the company while striving for improved methods and efficiencies and enhancing our customer’s experience. 

Part-Time Retail

At CVG we strive to make it easier for our customers to do business with us.  We strive to have every customer engaged by our staff and offer expertise or assistance throughout their visit.

Events and Classes

Succulent Class

Join us for a succulent extravaganza that’s bound to put a smile on your face! Spring is more than tulips; it’s the season for vibrant succulents to steal the show. Please contact us for more information.

Hummingbird Planter Class

Plant a 12″ planter that will attract hummingbirds to your porch or deck. You will choose from preselected plants that will work well together and attract those cute little pollinators.

Hanging Basket & Custom Pot Class

You’re unique, your baskets should be, too. It’s time to plant a hanging basket that fits your personality and style! Our staff will help you pick out plants that best suit your environment, work well together, and add touches of you. Please contact us for more information.

Herb Container Class

Want to give your clients or employees a unique experience? Looking for a new twist on Girls' Night? Or a fun, hands-on family activity? Chippewa Valley Growers offers custom, private classes!

Schedule a Tour for Your Group

If you'd like to schedule an event for your group, fill out the contact form below. We gladly provide tours and planting classes in March and April.
Please contact us for more information.

Private Class Experience

Want to give your clients or employees a unique experience? Looking for a new twist on Girls' Night? Or a fun, hands-on family activity? Chippewa Valley Growers offers custom, private classes!

News and Resources

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