Congratulations Charlie Mabie

What’s the name of the person you’d like to nominate?Mr. Charlie Mabie

What’s your relationship to the nominee?
He is my teacher Putnam Height in Eau Claire.

THE BIGGIE: Please tell us why your nominee deserves a garden from Chippewa Valley Growers:

Hello,  my name is Aurelia and I am ten years old. I would like to nominate my teacher, Mr. Mabie for the Chippewa Valley Growers Who Deserves a Garden Contest. “

How could a student know their teacher’s garden was good without having any ideas if it is alive, well, or even amazing.”

Do you want me to tell you how I know Mr. Mabie is a good gardener? I know because one it isn’t just his garden it is our whole school’s garden, and every summer he is either teaching summer school or working in the garden.

“Why did you add in summer school and not everything else?”

Because guess what he does with fourth and fifth graders during summer school?

“Teaches you stuff you are going to do in fourth and fifth grade?”

He makes us work in the garden and helps grow his plants. Last year we built a whole rain collector to use rain water instead of the neighbors water. Now do you trust me that my teacher Mr. Mabie, is a good gardener and responsible enough to take care of millions of plants? If you ask me he works day and night in that garden and uses his own blood and sweat to keep our garden growing.

“Why does he work so hard to keep the garden growing?”

To teach all the 400 kids in our school how to work a garden. So please select Mr. Mabie to help our whole school grow. Thank you.

Congratulations Rick Mannon

What’s the name of the person you’d like to nominate?Rick Mannon

What’s your relationship to the nominee?

THE BIGGIE: Please tell us why your nominee deserves a garden from Chippewa Valley Growers:

This man gives and gives!  He is a pastor of a small town church.  He is there for people, whether they go to our church, or not.  He will get calls, day and night, and will rush to the side, to give counsel, or comfort, or just a listening ear.  He wants to help people, and had an acre tilled at our church, and had corn planted, to feed not just our own people, but those in the community.  He also had a large garden tilled up, so that people who wanted to plant a garden, but didn’t have access to one (whether they lived in an apartment, etc.) -they could provide for their families.

He sees the growing prices of the groceries in the store, as well as the lack of availability of produce, and started our own gardening adventure last year, and plans on expanding our garden – to provide not only for his own family, but to give away to those in need.  I loved to see how working in our own garden relaxed him, even though he had had a stressful day, that emotionally wore him out.

He is a very humble man, and never asks for anything in return.  Many have taken advantage of him.  I would just love to see him honored for his self-less giving.