The flower business isn’t always roses, and it sure is dirty! Around here we sweat, and we freeze, and our fingernails are never clean. We plant, we move fast, we work hard, and we are constantly thinking, planning, and executing. 

Regardless of how much fun it seems, this is our livelihood and the livelihood of our incredible employees.

We believe in our purpose: bringing our customers joy by offering them countless varieties and the highest quality product we can possibly grow. To do that, we need all of our team members to be willing to pitch in to get things done right, and we’re currently looking for another dedicated person to join us.

We need a special person (or persons) who we can trust to treat our family business as their own with integrity, loyalty, love, and—most of all—grit. Our perfect candidate must be able to move at a fast pace and contend with various temperatures. They must be intelligent and a leader that pulls the cart rather than sits behind it.

Our people are often on their feet all day long, sometimes standing, sometimes pushing, sometimes lifting and carrying, and always working towards reaching our goals.

Beyond the physical stuff, we are looking for someone who can do more than work with plants. We are looking for someone who is able to think ahead, jump in and help, and be a stickler for quality.

  • Are you great at problem-solving, figuring things out, and keeping a lot of information at the ready? 
  • Are you flexible and willing to learn new jobs? 
  • Can you jump in and help without being asked or needing to be directed to? 
  • Can you think ahead, plan your next steps, and execute? 
  • Can you lead? No, really, can you be a leader? 
  • What about retail customer service? 
  • Oh yeah, and are you a nice person?

Our idea of hard-working isn’t everyone’s idea of hard-working. How we define grit isn’t the same way everyone defines grit. If you think you understand anything we said here, you might fit our culture. 

Please take a little time to tell us a little about yourself in the short form below. If we feel like you might be a good fit for our family, we will be in touch with you to set up an interview shortly! Thank you for your time!

Jessi and John Kelly

Employment Vetting Form for Transplant Coordinator