How to Create an Outdoor Work and Study Space

For many of us, working (and for your kids, learning) from home has become the norm. But with the weather changing for the better, it’s time to move your virtual office and classroom to the great outdoors. 

There are so many benefits to working outside, including better scenery, fresh air, improved memory, increased productivity, and focused concentration

Here’s how you can transform your backyard into the perfect work and study space.

Find Some Horizontal Space

Start your move outdoors by identifying some horizontal space where you can set your books or laptop. A patio set can easily become an outdoor office. Tables and chairs allow multiple people to work outside at the same time. 

If your patio or porch seating has more of a conversational feel, a simple lap desk or a bed tray is a great option. No more hunching over to type. Bring the laptop to your lounge! 

If a ledge is all you have to work with, widen it with a balcony folding deck table. These handy pieces easily hang onto your ledge or balcony railing to give you a convenient work surface without taking up too much space.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Students and professionals alike spend many hours each day in front of a laptop. So make sure you’re prepared with a few outdoor-friendly accessories. 

An anti-glare privacy screen protector is a great way to see your monitor while enjoying some sun. These helpful gadgets hang or stick onto your screen.

You may also want to invest in a chill mat. This groovy pad is a place to rest your laptop so that it won’t overheat while you’re soaking up the sun,

Don’t deplete your battery! Make sure you use a powerstrip long enough to reach your workspace. Or find a spot with access to outlets for all of your devices.

It’s also critical that you connect your laptop to the interwebs, so strong wifi is a must. Do some research to see which outdoor WiFi extender will best boost your backyard signal. 

Invest In Some Outdoor Add-Ons

Add a few finishing touches to your outdoor workspace with a shade umbrella, a fan for those super hot days, and an outdoor mini-fridge or cooler for easy access to cold beverages. Plus, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Give yourself the perfect “natural” virtual background! We’d love to see your outdoor workspace. Click some pics and send them our way!

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