Why Would The Kellys Buy a Greenhouse?!?

Growth, progression, long-term ambitions, and the desire to do something “more” have always have been part of the fabric of the Kelly family. The level of risk and amount of time has been the only variable. Doing “nothing” was never on the table.

For a few years, a bubbling curiosity of owning their own business had John and Jessi on the lookout for possible opportunities. Their evaluations of prospects were more than the standard balance sheets, viability, and profit margins. Frankly, those were middle-of-the-pack requirements. Rather, the Kellys were searching to interact and give back to their community, to serve their neighbors with unmatched customer service, to influence their children’s work ethic and understanding of business with hands-on lessons, and to directly influence their family’s long-term aspirations.

“We have never been afraid of physical work. You can’t be, being from this area or in this type of business,” John shares. “With the greenhouse’s history, the dedication to quality and the ability to literally bring our entire family to work, we saw an opportunity to carry on a successful story and add our own chapters.”

Last year was the Kelly family’s first year with the greenhouse. It was a season of learning, with the previous owners right at their sides to ensure a smooth transition and continuous quality.

On the heels of a new Chippewa Valley Growers’ season, with a little more experience under their belts, the Kellys are excited for a few new initiatives, more face-to-face time with the Eau Claire community, and increasing their family’s shareable adventures. Here’s to a bountiful season… and many more ahead!

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