Tired of Roses? Check out these Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas!

We get it. Roses are the go-to gift every Valentine’s Day. They’re easy to find, too. Maybe that’s why everyone buys them year after year. 

What if, this year, you tried something different. If your true love truly loves the garden, here are some unique gift ideas for February 14th (or any day of the year)

Garden Lover Chocolates

Sure, chocolate is another traditional Valentine’s Day gift. But instead of the typical heart-shaped box, surprise your sweetie with fun, garden-inspired goodies shaped like watering cans, spades, and more.

Heart-Shaped Wildflower Bombs

These adorable wildflower bombs are a perfect gift for all ages. Simply toss these biodegradable heart-shaped seed bombs throughout the yard and enjoy beautiful flowers well into the growing season.

Rosette Succulents

Don’t let the name fool you. These aren’t your typical long-stems. These succulents are easy to care for and will likely last much longer than the conventional dozen. 

Bee Drinking Garden Ball

Every garden lover knows that pollinators are key to a successful growing season. Your garden needs bees to help pollinate in ways that no human can. One thing that attracts and keeps bees in a garden is a perfectly-sized water source that won’t contaminate or drown them. Give some love – and hydration – to your Valentine’s little “helpers” with this unique garden feature. It’s the bee’s knees! (Does anyone say that anymore?)

Personalized Harvest Basket

Whether your Valentine gathers fresh-cut flowers in the summer, harvests a bounty of veggies throughout the fall, or collects treasures in the forest year-round, a personalized harvest basket is the perfect accessory for the garden and beyond. 

If, by chance, these gifts don’t tickle your Valentine’s fancy, we’ve heard that no gardener has ever been disappointed with a gift card to their favorite greenhouse…(hint, hint).

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