Top 5 Outdoor Summer Activities for Families in Eau Claire, WI

Chippewa Valley Growers Outdoor Family Activities Around Eau Claire

From now until at least Labor Day, our goal is to rarely walk across the threshold of our front door. We aren’t fleeing the country or going into hiding, but after hibernating all winter, the thought of not soaking up the sun is less than desirable. As harsh as the winters can be, nature can amazingly make up for it in the picture book summer foliage we get to enjoy. Here are some of the best ways to indulge you and your family in the outdoors this season.

  1. Sleep under the Stars – Many of us are lucky to have cherished memories of summer camping. Those vivid flashbacks of adventuring in nature all day, chanting “I hate rabbits” around campfires at night, taking a bar of soap in the lake for a bath, and participating in a beloved game of snipe hunting. There is nothing like a weekend camping trip to interrupt the technology pattern too. Places such as Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area offer fantastic resources for camping and immersing in nature.
  2. Turn it up to Eleven – Some places are fortunate to have a summer concert series in one park venue. Here in the Chippewa Valley area, we could find an outdoor concert nearly every night of the week. One of the more family geared venues is at the Menomonie Public Library with Music Over Menomin Jr.
  3. Toes in the Sand – Days at the beach are slow, simple, and full of sun. Whether enjoying a swim, digging in the sand, or taking a kayak out for a spin, we have a few great ones locally to choose from.
  4. Take a Hike, Literally – A walk in the woods is bound to create some summer stories to share. With great apps like All Trails, finding local trails to take is easy and convenient. (HINT: Hikes often create sleepy kids.)
  5. Support Local Farmers – Saturday morning shopping at the Farmer’s Market is an opportunity to not only get outside of the grocery store but to also bring kids one step closer to their food sources. While purchasing and supporting our local farmers, we also have the chance to give kids a more experience-based education on food sourcing. Oh, and fresh baked goods always taste better while snacking on them in an open-air market.

We hope in addition to these wonderful outdoor opportunities, you add stopping by our Chippewa Valley greenhouse to your list. We want to hear about all your adventures and give us some more ideas as well. We all know that the summer “I’m bored” whine can start before the mosquitoes are in full swing.

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