4 Distracting and Disturbing Tax Facts

Hurray, Hurray – Tax Day is on its way! Said no one ever. But in November 1789, Benjamin Franklin did say, “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Distract yourself with these other Tax Day facts.

Death and taxes. The only two certainties.

Well, that and CVG’s opening day!

In an odd moment in between getting ready to open and penciling out our own taxes, we thought we would share some fun tax facts to entice your own squirrel! moment.   

  • Income tax payments were one of the breaks the government finally got when trying to catch the notorious criminal, Al Capone. The Chicago native had a list of crimes in his résumé that included everything from gambling to bootlegging to narcotics – all of which created income – income on which he wasn’t paying Uncle Sam his due. In October of 1931, Capone was sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion.

  • Pro athletes are dinged by what has been dubbed the “Jock Tax.” For example, if an athlete’s home state does not have an income tax, they won’t be taxed for their home games. They will, however, get taxed for income made on games played in states where income tax is collected.

Enough random knowledge collection time! Back to taxes and opening up a greenhouse. Be sure to swing by and say hello after you’ve finished your federal obligation. If you want to learn more pre-season preparation tips or to learn more about what is happening at our Emerald City, please sign up to join our email list.

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