Four Must-Do Tips for Growing Success

Spring is in the air and planting season is just around the corner. Preseason preparations can go a long way to set you up for great growing success this year.  Check out these suggestions from our family at Chippewa Family Growers.

The Packers do it. The Brewers do it. Everyone needs strong pre-season training to prep for the upcoming season. Gardening is no different.

Well, maybe…but only a little.

Be Creative

Any great plan starts with a bit of creative brainstorming. The same holds true when planning your plantings for the season. Take time to daydream about things like what you want your garden to be, what you’d do different from last year, and what you might want to do again.

If you garden with someone – a child, spouse, or garden club — be sure to spend time imagining with them too. Growing beyond a singular vision will add to more beauty to your garden.

Identify Place

If you haven’t already, pick a place you would like to grow. Better yet, choose several spots and assess them to narrow your selection down to the ideal location.

Be sure to pay attention to the amount of foot traffic around this space and, if needed, come up with a plan on how to divert it. For example, is your ideal spot close to where children play or where workers would need easy access to utilities?

You should also note if animals can access the spot (not only domestic pets, but also any friendly woodland creatures, as well). If you want to stay in that area, take appropriate precautions to limit their access to your garden.

Sun is vitally important for successful growth, but the right amount and kind needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a place to plant. Find out if this area is prone to direct sunlight or times of shade. Also, what times of day does it get sun/shade? Understanding this will help you identify which plants can sustain in that environment.

Drainage of your area is also critical. Take a look to see if water pools up in the area or if it evenly distributes during watering.

Prep and Improve the Soil

Stake out the exact area where you plan to plant and then begin clearing that space. Set a good foundation by taking up any grass, weeds, or other growth. If you start enough in advance, take time to spread several inches of compost to start increasing the nutrients in the soil.

Pick Your Plants

A deep dive online can offer ideas of what to plant. But if you start to get overwhelmed, don’t worry. We would be delighted to help you identify what you need with a personal touch that the web just can’t provide.

Our growers and staff are excited to kick off the growing season! Stop in and let us daydream with you about your magical garden.If you want to learn more pre-season preparation tips or to learn more about what is happening at our Emerald City, please sign up to join our email list.

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