4 Innocent Mistakes with Succulents

If you have a counter or shelves full of succulents right now, you are on trend, friend! Even those these little ones are low maintenance there is still a chance that you may have a couple of “sick” ones hanging on by a thread. If salvaging them is on your to-do list, check out the simple mistakes all of us make taking care of succulents. 


As caretakers, we tend to think that water is necessary for a plant to thrive. While this is true, the amount that is given is the key. Succulents can easily be overwatered. You can see evidence of this with waterlogged roots, soft stems, or leaves taking a plunge. In most cases, succulents only need watering every week or so. In spring or summer, they may need a soak a week but in the cooler months – when their growing slows – once a month is more ideal. Keep an eye on the soil. If it is truly dry, then it is time to water. 


We have all gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole of repurposing everything for a container to plant in. While the ideas are great, the drainage likely isn’t and succulents are not fans. If water pools at the bottom of their containers, it is a recipe for bacteria to grow and sabotage the plant. Make sure whatever container you use for the succulents, there are holes at the bottom of the container or are made of a material that is more poruse – like wood or terra cotta.


Yes, a pot brimming with succulents looks awesome but we all need a little space. Succulents are no different. They don’t want to compete for nutrients, so be sure everyone has enough room to grow successfully. 


Succulents look so lovely on a bathroom counter or bring a bit of life to a cubicle. Sadly, they won’t last very long in those spaces though, unless they get light. Succulents thrive best with about six hours of light a day. No windows? Not to worry. Bring them home for the weekend and let them soak up some rays or snag a grow light to help them out.

Armed with a little more knowledge, check in on your succulent friends!

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