Even though our outdoor gardening season has come to a close it doesn’t mean that our green thumbs are dormant. Houseplants not only bring the green indoors through the cooler season but they also keep our gardening skills sharp for next year. Take a look at a few of our favorites!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This guy has become quite the trendy indoor plant recently. Whether live or artificial, it brings quite a presence to a room. The live version is also a tremendously hardy plant and doesn’t demand direct sunlight, but does love the sun. During the summer it is a thirsty one, but during the winter months, sips are better. 


This tall drink of water loves the sun – the more direct the better. Keep this big guy in a sturdy, deep container and its trunk-like stems will be happy. As far as watering, a little will go a long way. 

African Violets

If a little color indoors is what you crave, the African Violet is sure to bring a show. With indirect light, regular watering, proper drainage, and a bit of fertilizer, this beauty will bloom several times a year. Although it needs a little more attention than some, it will pay off in dividends.

Air Plant

If you haven’t found these little guys yet, go search for one immediately after reading this! These mysterious little plants grow without dirt and just need a good soaking every couple of weeks. They make a great wall decor item nestled in a little macrame wall hanger too!

Aloe Vera

This classic indoor plant is not only easy to care for but also a great source of relief for battling those sunburns. A little indirect light and a soak about once a week is all the aloe needs to keep green in your house. Care for it well in the winter months, and it will provide you with leaves of natural salve for sunburns during the summer gardening time.


The Philodendron is another trendy plant recently, and for good reason. Another low maintenance option, it likes low light and likes its soil on the dry side. Check out the Philodendron Monstera version for some really interesting leaves.

Christmas Cactus

Want a little color and low maintenance? The Christmas Cactus is the perfect fit. With hardy leaves and a variety of colored flowers available, this cactus is an easy hands-off option. It is also a fantastic gift option for plant lovers in your life.

Be careful now, with so many great options for indoors, your outdoors may start to get jealous!

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