Confession: We have favorite plants

We start from the very beginning with our plants – actually before they are even seeds. We ensure that the soil is the best environment to create our plants. Then, we sow the seeds, water, fertilize, read stories, rub backs, get bath water just right…wait, the last few actually apply to bedtime for our kids, but the same theory and nurturing effort applies.

While we wait for them to head off to their forever plant family, we start to get attached to those little guys. We even, dare we say, start to have favorites. Sometimes it is the flower color, the shape of the leaves, the memorable scent, or even how its character adds to the design of a room that makes a particular plant a favorite.

As difficult as it is to admit, our staff members Jessica and Sherry were brave enough to publicly profess their favorites. Here are their preferred plants and thoughts around why they are beloved.

Jessica Kelly, Actual Boss

Coming into this business I had not had much success at gardening or planting any type of plant. I didn’t think it really took a genius to grow plants, but I also didn’t put a lot of effort into it. I was wrong, it takes A LOT of knowledge to grow healthy, strong plants and a lot of effort as well. I’m amazed at what I have learned this year not only from Dean and Ben but also from our customers and our staff.

I love whimsical looking plants like lavender, salvia, and sage, as well plants that seem to hold sentiment or history like Magnolia. I can’t get enough of the smell of basil and am constantly in awe of the gorgeous petunia baskets that are both upright and flowing  – a trust testament to the strength of the plant and the knowledge of the growers.

I’m trying my hand at blueberries now that I know they like sandy, acidic soil. Last year Addison and I both planted up some gorgeous pots that looked beautiful all summer long. We’re learning!

Jessica has also become fond of the Osteospermum Blushing Beauty noting that if it doesn’t make you smile, nothing will!

Sherry Stanley, Director of Awesomeness

Not a plant but a bush: My absolute favorite is a rose. This year my favorite rose is a Kordes Tea Rose named Grande Amore. (This rose has been so popular this year that CVG has already sold out of this beauty!)

Star Jasmine smelled wonderful this year and was so pretty – such a delicate looking flower. Coleus – oh my goodness the colors are so vibrant. Also, eagerly awaiting the Hibiscus, Holy Grail.

For Jessica and Sherry’s safety, let’s keep all the talk about teacher’s pets between us, okay? Even though their reading skills are lacking, all it takes is one of our little green friends finding out who the favorites are and then, it spreads like Monday morning post-prom gossip.

If you want to find your favorite to bring into your plant family or just to compare your favorites with ours, stop in and we’d be happy to swap stories all day. We might be able to even get some of the other staff members to fess up to their favorites too.

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