Foodscaping – The Art of Edible Landscaping

Foodscaping: Edible Landscaping - Chippewa Valley Growers

Hours. Days. Weeks. That is how much time some of us spend laying out our landscaping aspirations. We put pained thought into the placement of every bush, tree, and grass, all in hopes of creating a plan worthy of our neighbor’s envy.

Then, there are some that have stepped up their gardening game to a whole new level. They no longer see a separation between a lawn and a garden plot. They are blending the two into amazing places of harvest.

You will find some spectacular examples of beautiful, edible landscapes around the country, including:

If the sound of feasting off your front lawn sounds enticing, here are a couple of things you could easily incorporate to foodscape around your home.

  • Snap Beans – These easy to grow vegetables take up very little square footage and are great climbers. Consider using these to replace ivy up trellises.
  • Cucumbers – If you have a fence you would like cover in some green, take a look at planting cucumbers. They are quick producers and are sure to provide an exceptional bounty.
  • Green Onions – If ornamental type grass is part of your landscape, consider replacing with green onions that will grow around six to eight inches in height.
  • Berry Bushes – Whether blueberry, elderberry, or blackberry, berry bushes can be great hedge creators.
  • Spinach and Kale – These two salad supporters provide perfect ground covering and produce quickly, helping to save on the produce bill.

If you think foodscaping may be in your future, come on in and lettuce (see what we did there?) help you find the right replacements to increase your garden production.

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