Father’s day is almost here! If your dad loves gardening, we have a few suggestions to help you find the perfect gift.

Need a gift for dad? Does he have a green thumb? Great! We know a thing or two! Here’s our Father’s Day gardening gift guide:

1.Bird Feeder

A feeder is perfect for attracting a variety of birds and creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. You can find a number of pre-made feeders or, if your dad is crafty, buy him a DIY kit so he can build one himself! (Just don’t be surprised if he breaks out some bird calls at your next family gathering.)

2.Seed Starting Kit

If your dad could use some guidance to get his plants started, a seed starting kit is a great all-inclusive way to ensure he has everything he needs. Kits typically come with trays, soil, and seeds, making it easy to take the first step towards a bountiful harvest.

3.Garden Kneeler

Gardening involves a lot of crawling around on the ground, which can be tough on the body. A kneeler is a cushioned mat that provides comfort and support to dad’s knees and back while he’s working in the garden. It’s a thoughtful (and supportive) gift for older gardeners with limited mobility.


If your dad’s a reader, books are an excellent way to learn more about different plants, techniques, and gardening practices. There are plenty of options available, from beginner’s manuals to advanced guides on specific topics such as botany, vegetables, and medicinal herbs.


A garden bench provides a decorative, practical, and comfortable place for dad to sit and enjoy his garden. It’s perfect for relaxing, reading, or entertaining guests… and it adds to the overall aesthetic, too. 

6. Cobra Head Garden Weeder

Pulling out reluctant weeds or breaking up tough soil can be frustrating and time-consuming without the right tools.  This tool makes those jobs easier so that you can focus on planting and nurturing your garden. This is Barb’s favorite tool.


For the frugal father, a composter is an eco-friendly gift that helps turn yard clippings and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost. It’s a great way to convert waste that’s otherwise thrown away into natural fertilizer for the garden.

8.Rain Gauge

Dads love to measure things. A rain gauge allows dad to calculate exactly how much water his garden is getting. It’s a useful tool that takes the guesswork out of his watering regimen. 


A garden sculpture is a unique and decorative gift that adds personality and style to any garden. From angels and frogs to dragons and gnomes, you’re sure to find one that matches his unique style and personality.

10.Garden Cart

When you have a lot of tools, it can be a handful (or two or three) to tote them around the garden. A cart lets dad transport all of his essential equipment around the garden, saving him a bunch of back-and-forth trips to the garage.  

11.Plant Labels

Plant labels are an excellent gift for gardeners who like to keep their plants organized. Labels help dad remember the names, varieties, and locations of all the different plants he’s growing. (Pro tip: Fancy plant labels will give his garden a professional look.)


A pair of durable garden gloves protects Dad’s hands from blisters, thorns, and other hazards while working in the garden. Gloves come in a variety of fabrics and styles, including water-resistant leather for tougher tasks or breathable bamboo so he won’t break a sweat.

13.Gardening Classes

Your dad’s local garden center may offer specialized classes on such topics as growing herbs and creating custom planters (like the classes we have at CVG!) If your dad already knows the basics and has all the necessary tools, a gardening class pass can be a fun, new experience. (Bonus points if you take the class together!)

14.Custom Pots or Installs

What dad doesn’t love a great looking lawn? He will be the envy of his neighbors when you set him up with stunning outdoor home decor. Contact your local garden center (like Chippewa Valley Growers!) and bring some fresh foliage into his life without all the work.

15.Gift Card to Your Local Garden Center

If your dad is pretty particular, a gift card to his local garden center (like Chippewa Valley Growers!) allows him to pick out the exact tools, plants, or classes he enjoys most. Contrary to what some folks say, gift cards are not “easy and impersonal.” In fact, a gift card is the perfect gift for your discerning dad. 

Oh, and if none of these options work for your pop, you can’t go wrong with a nice houseplant 😉

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