Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Have you found a gift yet? If you’re a little unsure of what to get, here are a few suggestions for all the green-thumbed moms out there.

Need a gift for mom? Is she into gardening? Great! We know a thing or two about that! Check out our green-thumb gift guide.

1.Herb Drying Rack

Cooking with fresh herbs throughout the summer will take Mom’s meals to the next level. But, sometimes, there might be too many herbs to use at once. A drying rack can be the perfect solution to having too much of a good thing! By hanging fresh herbs to dry, Mom can add homegrown ingredients to her dishes year round.

2.Butterfly Feeder

In addition to looking beautiful, butterflies also play a vital role in maintaining healthy local ecosystems. So, if Mom thinks her plants could benefit from natural pollinators (or if she just enjoys pretty things), a butterfly feeder will attract more winged wonders to her blooming garden.

3.Plant Mister

Sure, your mother already has a little plastic water spritzer to keep plants hydrated between full waterings. But, does she have a pretty one? A classy lady deserves classy things, and that includes her plant-care tools! Choose from glass, brass, or ceramic, with every color and pattern imaginable. You’re sure to find the perfect bottle that matches her style to a T.

4.Rain Barrel

Water is essential to making things grow, which is why it takes so much of it to maintain a healthy garden. All that water has to come from somewhere, so why not use the natural resources falling from the sky? With a rain barrel, Mom can collect gallons of plant hydration at a time to use whenever she needs.

5.Tool Caddy

If your mother already owns every gardening tool known to man, help make her time in the garden easier and more efficient with a tool caddy. By toting her tools, she will spend less time going back and forth and more time with her beloved plants!

6.Scooter Seat

Standing, sitting, crawling, and kneeling… gardening can take a physical toll on your mom. If your mother has trouble with her back or knees, it can take a lot more time and effort to care for her garden. A scooter seat will help Mom navigate her outdoor oasis with comfort and ease.

7.Bird Bath

Offering the perfect combination of looks and functionality, bird baths are elegant pieces of decor that attract functional fowl to your mom’s garden. In addition to being excellent natural pollinators, birds also repel insects! Just don’t be surprised if mom also becomes an avid birdwatcher.

8.Garden Stones

Garden stones come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and add a little extra *something* to Mom’s decor. You can also create custom stones by commissioning a local artist or by making them yourself! (Bonus: With this one, it’s okay if it looks like a child made them. That makes them extra cute!)

9.Shade Hat

While the warm sun in the sky makes for a beautiful day, it can also get hot pretty quickly. Wide-brim gardening hats prevent overheating and skin burns. Plus, you’re sure to find one in her favorite color!

10.Gardening Apron

Digging in the dirt can get pretty, well… dirty! A nice, sturdy apron keeps debris and critters off Mom’s clothes and adds extra sun protection. Plus, many aprons double as a “tool belt” for more efficient gardening.

11.Gardening Journal

Gardening journals keep track of Mom’s gardening habits throughout the year, while also serving as a precious memento. A preformatted notebook takes all the set-up work out of the process. Pair it with some nice writing utensils, and she can put it to use right away! (Bonus: If she could benefit from a guide to help her get started, you can also direct her to this handy article: How to Start Garden Journaling.)

12.Gardening Classes

Does your mother love learning new skills? Experience gifts are all the rage right now, which can be a great alternative to giving a physical item if she already has everything she needs. Treat Mom to some fun activities and new memories by giving her a class pass to learn about things like building custom planters or growing herbs at her local garden center (like the classes we have at CVG!)

14.Custom Pots or Installs

If your mom loves flowers but doesn’t have the time to plant them herself, gifting her a custom-designed pot or install can bring fresh blooms into her life while letting someone else do all the work! Contact your local garden center (like Chippewa Valley Growers!) to see what options are available to set Mom up with some beautiful, unique outdoor home decor.

14.Gift Card to Your Local Garden Center

Some moms are particular with their plants and gardening accessories. So it may be easier to let your mother pick out her own gifts. A gift card to your local garden center (like Chippewa Valley Growers!) gives her the freedom to choose whatever tool, plant, or class will make her happiest. So, no… a gift card is not a cop-out. In fact, some may say it’s the most thoughtful gift you can give.

P.S. If these gift ideas don’t appeal to you, don’t worry… flowers are always a safe bet 😉

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