Holi — An Explosion of Color

Here at Chippewa Valley Growers, we are holding our breath, waiting for the greenhouse to explode with color! On the other side of the world, such explosions have already occurred  – though not in a vegetative manner.

There is something internal that stirs at the sight of bright, vibrant colors in nature. An alignment of scenery and souls and seasons gets everyone giddy and plagued with a case of Spring Fever.

Holi is a beautiful tribute and celebration of spring, experienced quite literally on the other side of the world. The Indian tradition that spans several days includes the use of color to welcome in the new season and to create a public event of play.

Much like the tradition of spring cleaning, the Holi festival has people cleaning out their homes. The events get people out of their homes as well. After all, outside is where the fun happens.

Bonfires on the eve of Holi kick off the event, signifying the the triumph of good over evil. It will be hard to miss people running around with smears of bright colors on their skin and clothes. This is gulal, which is a colored powder that originated from trees and flowers. The following day, it’s a water fight for the ages. Not only are there colorful water balloons, but dyed water splashes everywhere across the cities. Oh, and there’s no opting out of the splashing festivities. Anyone on the street is fair game.

For a less “staining” opportunity to celebrate nature’s own color explosion, be sure to come by and witness the blooming in our greenhouse. We promise it will last longer than a couple of days…and we could be compelled to toss a water balloon with you if you’re so inclined.

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