Even though fall is quickly approaching, there’s still time to enjoy your outdoor garden. Here’s a list of gardening tasks to complete in September.

As autumn approaches, it’s time to prepare your plants for the changing seasons. Garden maintenance is crucial at this time, because it’s your last chance to enjoy your flowers and vegetation before the frost sets in. 

Here are a few things you can do for your garden in September: 

Harvest Your Veggies Before the Frost

You’ve been growing vegetables all season, and you should enjoy them! Now is the time to harvest as many fruits and veggies as possible before the first frost.

Cut Back and Clean Out

To ensure your garden has a fresh, healthy start next season, it’s essential to clean up wilted leaves and other debris. Be sure to trim off flowers that are done blooming for the year and get rid of any dead vegetation.

Add Some Fall-Booming Annuals

If you still have an itch to plant a few more flowers before the season is over, pick up some fall-blooming annuals. Chrysanthemums and pansies come in a variety of rich autumn colors like gold, burgundy, and deep purple. 

Get Those Weeds Outta There

Whether it’s the beginning, middle, or end of the season, weeding is always a necessity. In fact, fall may be the most crucial time to weed your garden in preparaton for spring. Removing weeds helps prevent them from germinating through the winter and taking over your valuable planting space.

Bring in Some Trees

Fall is a great time to add a few trees to your garden. In cooler temperatures, new trees require less water, which leads them to establish strong roots over winter with little maintenance.

Take Your Herbs Inside

Herbs are significant plants that tend to wilt at the first sign of frost. By bringing your herb plants inside and providing them with plenty of water and sunlight, your fresh herb garden can flourish in your kitchen year-round.

Collect Seeds and Cuttings

If you’re interested in maintaining the same variety of plants in your garden next year, now’s the time to collect seeds and cuttings from mature plants. Bring your seeds inside to dry and cuttings to propagate so they’re ready to go into the garden come spring.

Prepare Your Spring Blooms

Get a head start on next year’s garden by planting spring-blooming bulbs. Flowers such as daffodils, lilies, and bluebells spread their roots deep into the ground over the cooler months… so they’re primed and ready to blossom when the weather once again turns warm. 

Get to Mulching

As part of the preparation for next year’s garden, make sure you protect one of your most important resources – your soil! Adding a generous layer of mulch to your garden will help keep soil from eroding. Mulch also protects remaining plants from ice during the winter months.

Like you, we plan to soak up and enjoy every last minute of warm weather… and our plants do, too! If you’re looking for happy, hearty, and healthy plants or tools to start preparing your garden for colder weather, come visit us! We’ve got you covered.

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