Our Summer Reading List for Kids

Chippewa Valley Growers Summer Reading List for Kids

Ah, the beautiful summer reading list. The list that is carefully curated to ensure that the brain still stays active and loses nothing over a couple of months of summer bliss. Between the love of reading, gardening, and nature, here are some fun books we think you should add to the kid’s (or your own) reading list.

  1. Nature’s Day: Discover the world of wonder on your doorstep – This delightful book pulls the reader from season to season, and from place to place, showcasing how nature can be found in many different areas – from city to country and in between.
  2. Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World – This book is like holding someone’s nature journal (a really talented sketch artist at that) and learning while being mesmerized by the art.
  3. Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life – In a similar fashion to Nature Anatomy, this “reference book in disguise” walks the reader through nature found on the farm and the relationship one can have to interact with it.
  4. Shanleya’s Quest: A Botany Adventure For Kids Age 9 To 99 – In this adventure story, the character paddles to different islands learning about the plants of that particular place. This fun book also has a spin-off set of cards that features plants and different games to reinforce the learning but hopefully in a “summer education” fashion.
  5. The Fairy-Land Of Science – This magical book takes the awe moments of nature and presents them in a captivating, story format.
  6. We are the Gardeners – The Fixer Upper family shows how to grow a lovely garden in this little gem full of sweet illustrations.
  7. Berries, Nuts and Seeds – Foraging can be a great way for hands-on learning – especially this time of year. This book is a great source for some quick tips on how to do that safely.
  8. A Green Place to Be: The Creation of Central Park – Although a long way from Wisconsin, Central Park is one of the most well-known park/preserves in the world and this is the interesting story behind it.

So, when your offspring(s) finishes these literary tales, come in and tell us all about them! Who knows? Maybe reading about gardening and nature will make them want to be in it more. Oh, and we also are in support of you offering up a plant as a reward for finishing books on this list. 😎

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