Blue Spruce Stonecrop Sedum

Nevermind ocean eyes, I’ve got ocean pines. I kinda look like a pile of spruce tree branches dipped in the blue-green color of the sea. Ironically, though, I actually don’t need a whole lot of water. I do, however, need a whole lot of sun.

That’s why summer is my favorite. It’s when my yellow star-shaped flowers bloom throughout the season and begin to attract lots of bees and other pollinators. And don’t worry, they’ll take good care of me. I’m truly a pretty low-maintenance plant. 

I am tough-as-pines and very resistant to drought, heat, and nibbly animals like rabbits and deer. Hailing from mountainous regions, I make a perfect addition to rocky landscaping. If you’re looking for a bright, versatile, beasy-to-care-for plant, I might just be the right choice for you!

Lesser Catmint

They say cats have nine lives. Well, it seems, so do I. It doesn’t matter what you throw at me, I’m as tough as it gets. Dry soil? I’m super drought-tolerant. Hot sun? I love the light and warmth. Rabbits, deer, and other critters? I resist pests like it’s my job. You totally don’t have to worry about me. In fact, I thrive on neglect!

For the price of planting me and checking on me whenever you remember, you’ll get bunches and bunches of pretty white flowers that bloom all the way from early summer to the first frost and attract tons of pollinators to your yard. If you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for perennial, I’m the spicy-scented herb for you!

Mariesii Blue Balloon Flower Platycodon

Here’s the thing you’ve gotta know about me: it takes a little bit of time for me to open up. You could probably even call me a late bloomer… But listen, I’m not very needy. Give me a little bit of water, a little bit of sun, and some nice, organic soil, and I’ll be very content. Even if you forget about me, I’m pretty good at growing on my own. 

And, I’ll tell ya what, once I’m ready, my balloon-like body will pop open to reveal gorgeous blossoms, and I won’t want to move ever again. My roots will grow deep and strong and I’ll be set to live a long and happy life. If you’re looking for a vibrant, easy-going flower to add more color to your garden, I’m the girl for you.

Peacock Red Flowering Kale

I don’t know if you recognize me, but I’m a pretty fabulous plant. You’ve probably seen me in plenty of fancy restaurants, as I enjoy spending my time alongside high-class dishes. My feathers, er, leaves boast a stunning burgundy and green combo that look good enough to eat (though I’m more of a “look, don’t touch” kinda gal.)

My favorite season is autumn when I begin to turn an even brighter shade of red. This means I make a great compliment to a fall-colored garden (though I think I’m more of the star of the show!) Give me plenty of sun and fertilizer, and I’ll really show you what I can do.

Silver Fox Succulent

Look at me. Now look away. Just kidding, you can’t look away from me, can you? I don’t blame you. I’m stunning. Have you ever seen a succulent with such striking colors? I bet you haven’t. I’m a unique hybrid of Manfreda and Agave lineage, making me not only beautiful, but robust.

With just a bit of sun and a sip of water here and there, my leaves will expand to be strong and thick and stretch up to 18” wide. And though I may not grow very fast, it’s pretty hard to take me down. I can withstand droughts, tolerate less-than-average soil, and resist deer and rabbits. There’s no going wrong with a bit of tough eye candy like me.

Syringa Lilac Snowdance

If you love pretty, glistening white snow

But summer is always so warm by you

Just look at me, I’ll wow you with my show

Throughout the seasons see what I can do

As small a shrub or grow as tall a tree

I have a large and lovely rounded crown

And once per year you will be sure to see

My flowers ‘til temperatures go down

I always love sitting out in the sun

Enhancing the beauty of your front lawn

Attracting flying critters just for fun

I’m dancing through the day from dusk ‘til dawn

My fragrance spreads all through surrounding air

I’ll bloom real wide, just handle me with care