Veggies with Personality Vol. 1: Let’s Make a Salad!

Lettuce, Mix, Summer Picnic

Are you tired of always using the same type of lettuce for your salads? Are you wanting to change things up a bit? Well, I might just be the plant you are looking for! I come with a variety of several different red and green lettuces that are perfect for crafting a salad that is not only pretty but tasty too.

I am the perfect blend of crunchy and leafy, bringing a naturally delicious texture medley to your bowl. I also provide an ever-so-satisfying crispness that works wonderfully as a base to add all kinds of toppings too. Turn to me when you want a mixed-greens salad without having to actually mix different kinds of greens!

Tomato, Cherry, Tropical Sunset

Ah, the gorgeous warm gradient of a sunset. So enchanting, so beautiful, so… delicious. While my colors might be less-striking than the traditional tomato red, they’re no less attractive. My fruits range from yellow to pink to gold and everything in-between. You can basically see a vision of being on a beach at dusk in my skin.

And, not to mention, I taste almost as sweet as I look. I have a bright, fruity flavor with medium acidity. I am about the size of a ping-pong ball, which is perfect for snacking or adding some flavorful bites to your salads. I even stay ripe for an extra-long time, which means I have an excellent shelf-life (though I’m not sure you’ll even have to worry about that!)

Cucumber, Slicer, Diva

Burpless. Seedless. Spineless. What more could you ask for from a sweet cuke like me? I am crispy and fresh and not bitter at all. In fact, I make a stunning addition to your salads since I’m smooth and perfect for slicing. I bet you’ll even struggle to look away from my stunning dark green color.

Not to brag, but I was actually an All-America Selections Winner in 2002 in the Edible Vegetable division. This is mostly due to my versatility, as some say I’m the only type of cucumber you’ll ever need in your collection. What can I say? I’m pretty fantastic.

Pepper, Bell, Red Knight

I am a knight in shining red armor ready to guide you on a delicious journey through your salad toppings. I am unmistakably large, blocky, and thick. I am strong in shape and color. But my secret: my flavor is actually pretty fruity and sweet. I may look tough, but I won’t hurt ya with any spice.

As a bonus, I am even packed with almost twice as much vitamins A and C as green bell peppers, so I suppose you could say I might just help make you strong too. My incredible versatility makes me a tasty snack or meal topping fresh, grilled, roasted, or even stir-fried!

Radish, Red Round, Cherry Belle

Who doesn’t love a good, solid crunch in their salads? (And I’m not talking about just the lettuce!) If you’re trying to find something crunchy, tangy, and fresh to add that special something to your meal, look no further. My vibrant flavor mixes well with a variety of other vegetables.

With my gorgeous color and perfect, round shape, it’s no wonder that my name means beauty. From my cherry-red outside to my snow-white inside, I’ll add some extra flair to your dish. I’m pretty tasty eaten raw as a snack or topping, or cooked into a meal with a variety of other vegetables.

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