Produce with Personality Vol. 4: Something Sweet

Pepper Sweet, Snack, LunchBoxMix

When you think of peppers, you probably think of hot and spicy. But that’s not us. We’re just a bunch of cute, sweet, and delicious snacks that are perfect for your lunch box.  

We come in a fun variety of red, orange, and yellow. And we might be small, but our flavor is BIG. Try us as a fresh salad topping or serve us up sautéed to add some pop and color to your favorite dish. 

Basil, Citrus, LemonMrsBurns

Ever heard of an herb that’s sweet like a fruit? Well, you have now! I have an intense and delicious lemony flavor that is invigorating for a variety of recipes. I provide a classic basil taste and a burst of citrus in the same bite!

My leaves are long and green with pretty little white blooms… and they’re all entirely edible. Add me to soups, salads, pastas, desserts, or as a garnish on your favorite cocktail.

Tomato, Cherry, SugarRush

Do you remember where you were when you learned the salacious news that tomatoes are, in fact, frui? If you’re still processing that bombshell revelation, allow us to provide some proof. There’s a reason I’m nicknamed “Sugar Rush”… because I’m sweet as can be!

Warning: My flavor is irresistible. Most people consume me straight out of the container (I am bite-sized after all). But I also add sweet zing and crunch to your favorite salad. 

Strawberry, Everbearing, SummerBreeze

Before we discuss my flavorful attributes, can we pause for a moment to admire my beauty? My stunning flowers hint at my delectability… and my fruits transform from a delicate white to a gorgeous jewel-toned red.

I’m also sweet, bright, and juicy. And I taste like a warm summer day. I’m excellent for snacking, smoothies, or topping your favorite desserts. You can’t go wrong with a classically delicious little fruit like me.

Basil, Thai, Thai

As an herb, I am savory and slightly spicy, but I smell like anise and taste like licorice. My unique and unmistakable flavor/aroma combination makes me special. I may not be quite as sweet as other types of basil, but I am temptingly tender in texture.

I’m commonly found in Asian cuisine such as stir-frys and curries, and I typically complement sharper ingredients like ginger and garlic. If you’re lucky enough to get some flower buds in your bunch, use them for a slightly more mild taste. Feeling adventurous? Add me to desserts. Seriously, have you ever tried Thai basil ice cream? It’ll knock your socks off!

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