Produce with Personality Vol. 5: Mixed Basket

Basil, Italian, Genovese

If you prefer an herb that looks as good as it tastes, I’m just what you need. My tender, lucious, and round green leaves are complemented by beautiful (and edible) flowers. You may recognize my unmistakable traditional basil flavor that’s both sweet and slightly spicy.

Don’t even get me started on how amazing I smell! I have a deliciously heady aroma that will add a perfect little extra something to your desired dish. I can be used dried or fresh in your favorite recipes and I’m perfect for homemade pesto.

Tomato, Slicer, EarlyGirl

On a sandwich, in a salad, on a plate, in salsa… I’m everywhere! My classically delicious red, round look and refreshing, versatile flavor mix well with a variety of other ingredients.

My delectably meaty and juicy texture adds some substance to your meal. If you’ve been looking for a tomato you can use for almost anything, look no further. I guess that’s why I’m one of the most popular tomatoes around. 

Lettuce, Mix, Alfresco

Let’s be honest… you love salads, but you’re tired of the same old taste and texture, amirite? Well, here I am to save the day! I’m a variety of lettuce, arugula, endive, and radicchio all mixed into one!

With shades of green, red, and bronze, I not only taste amazing, but I look pretty, too. My stunning Mediterranean appearance and flavor will make you feel like you’re eating a deluxe salad – without having to mix a bunch of different greens yourself.

Onion, Bunching, Evergreen

Long, slender, and oh so tasty. I should be in the dictionary under “light and crisp.” With crunchy white stalks and tender green tips, I bring a sweet brightness to your dish.

Add me to stir-fry, soup, salad, or pasta. I’m incredibly versatile. I can even double as a gorgeous garnish. My mild flavor is essential in a wide range of cuisines from Asian to American.

Eggplant, BlackBell, Galine(Black)

Probably the most recognizable type of eggplant, I’m the essence of elegance with my glossy, deep black and purple fruits. So perfectly round and bell-shaped, I almost look too gorgeous to eat. If you decide to, though, you’ll love my rich, firm texture and slightly bitter flavor.

As an ingredient, I pair well with other Mediterranean flavors such as tomatoes, peppers, olives, and garlic. I can also be the star of the show in dishes like ratatouille and, of course, eggplant parmesan. If you’re looking to eat more plant-based meals, I’ve heard that I’m an excellent meat replacement.

Eggplant, Italian, Clara(White)

A stark contrast in appearance from the classic black eggplant, I am stunningly bright white. My flavor is also more mild with nutty undertones. Additionally, I am more dense and less bitter than other varieties.

Texturally, while meaty like other eggplants, I bring a bit more creaminess to the table. However, I do have thinner skin, so it’s best to use me while I’m as fresh as possible. Roasted or fried… as a main dish or side… I’m delicious in almost any cuisine. 

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