If you want the best garden, you need the best plants. At CVG, our plants are showered with non-stop TLC until you take them home. Here’s what makes our plants – and our greenhouse – stand out from the rest.

At Chippewa Valley Growers, we pride ourselves on always doing what’s best for our plants and our customers. Our talented team takes exceptional care of our plants from the moment their seeds are set in soil to the day they grace your garden.  

The quality of our plants and service far exceeds what you find at the big box retail garden centers. Here’s why…

Care, Love, and Hard Labor

We don’t just stick a seed in the ground and water it. From the day it arrives at the greenhouse as a cutting, plug, or seed to the day you take it home, our staff loves on every single plant. 

“This is a very specialized, hands-on industry. When you break our process down, it’s really a lot of care, love, and hard labor. That’s what makes our plants stronger, healthier, long-lasting, and more vigorous than those you get from other places.” – John Kelly, owner

We’re always learning and growing (*wink* *wink*) But one thing we never do is take shortcuts. For us, growing is more than just a hobby – it’s our livelihood and our purpose. So we strive to do it with excellence and care.  

“We always want our customers to be able to see and appreciate the difference in the quality of our plants. We want them to be able to look at our plants and know that they are healthier and more well-cared-for than what you can get at other places.” – Jessi Kelly, owner

Four Square Inches of Technical Knowledge

In addition to our transplant and retail staff, we also employ expert growers trained on the needs of each individual plant. From water and nutrients to temperature and pest control, they know what it takes to not only help our plants grow but thrive.

There’s more to growing plants than meets the eye, especially when you’re responsible for growing hundreds of varieties at once. 

“It’s unreal how much goes into growing one of these four-inch squares. And we have such a variety, so our guys have to be knowledgeable about so many types of plants.” – Jessi Kelly

Good People in a Happy Place

The value of CVG begins the moment you walk through the door. We strive to provide a welcoming space by asking questions and providing you with the best possible solutions.

“With one of our values being customer-centric, we’ve been able to retain a huge amount of returning customers each year. We are delivering higher-level, share-worthy customer service in addition to our plants.” – John Kelly

We understand the value of our plants is not only determined by how they look, but also by how you feel when buying them.  

“Our staff does a great job of talking to people and helping them find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s just a happy place.” – Jessi Kelly

Vibrant colors… fresh air… organized shelves… friendly faces… and healthy, longer-lasting plants. That’s the CVG difference. Visit our greenhouse and see for yourself.

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