Top Things to do in your garden in August

We’re halfway through summer, but there’s still plenty of time for gardening! Complete these tasks in August to keep your plants in tip-top shape.

As we approach the hottest time of the year, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your garden and make sure you’re maintaining it properly. There’s still plenty of time left to grow and harvest healthy, hearty, and happy plants.

Here are a few beneficial things to do in your garden in August.

Harvest the Produce

The best part about gardening is the time when you can finally harvest those fruits and veggies you’ve put so much effort into growing! It’s prime harvesting time for iconic summer plants like tomatoes, peppers, peaches, and melons.

Water the Plants

With longer periods of sunshine and warmer weather, it’s important to make sure your plants are receiving adequate amounts of water. Pay attention to how often it rains, and break out the hose when needed.

Weed the Soil

Now is one of the most crucial times to rid your garden of those pesky weeds. Left unchecked, invasive plants will produce copious amounts of seeds that will germinate and overtake your garden in the spring. The easiest time to remove weeds is when your soil is damp from watering or rain.

Save the Seeds

If you have fruiting plants in your garden, now’s the time to collect spare seeds. Plants like peppers and tomatoes produce plenty of seeds that you can dry out and use to start your new garden next year.

Spare the Shrubs

One thing to remove from your summer “To-Do List” is pruning shrubs. Pruning encourages new growth when weather turns colder, leaving plants susceptible to injury from frost.

We love extending our gardening season as long as possible, but you can’t do that without proper care and maintenance. If you need tips or supplies to keep your plants healthy in the summer heat, let us know!

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