Wait! There’s Still Garden Work to Do!

Every growing season seems shorter and shorter, doesn’t it? Okay, maybe not this year, but we know 2020 is an exception to all rules. 

No matter how long or short the season felt, it’s still winding down. But just because the growing part is done certainly doesn’t mean the work is over! While we’re finishing up the harvest, here are a few tips on putting your favorite gardening spot to rest for the winter


  1. In order to keep those perennial beds in the best shape for spring bloom, start with making sure all of the weeds are pulled. No one wants to start the season out with tackling those beasts. 
  2. This won’t be the first time you hear this – mulch, mulch, mulch. It’s like a big, warm blanket on your bed and well, one for your perennials too. Tuck in those little guys with several inches of mulch. 
  3. Think planting is done? Not so fast! Get in those tulips and daffodils bulbs so they are ready to bloom for you in spring. Be sure to keep an eye on the temps and check your planting zone for specific times. 


  1. Be sure to clean out those veggie beds really well! Any leftover plant debris can be a buffet for pests and diseases over the winter. 
  2. Now is the time to bust out the compost. Whether you have your own or purchase it, spread it on thick to the tune of a couple, two, three inches. The organisms in the mulch will be your hardest unseen worker over the winter, creating super nutrient soil to sow vegetable seeds in the next growing season. 


  1. Clean out the beds well! Once your annuals have gotten bitten by Jack Frost, put them to use. Add them to your compost pile that you can add to your veggie garden next year. 
  2. Be sure you take extra care of your containers. You may think that storing them with a little soil won’t hurt, but it could. Just a little bit of moisture could become an issue during the freeze/thaw cycle. Rinse and wipe them all out well. For extra measure, store inside to keep them protected from the elements. 

Right when you think it’s the end of the gardening season, it isn’t! But, hey, we’re okay with dragging it out a bit and setting ourselves and our gardens up for another great planting season!

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