3 Container Planting Tips

Adding containers full of beautiful plants, flowers, and even vegetables around your home is a wonderful way to increase your landscape space.

Find your Vessel

To start, you can simply identify a container. Believe us, a container can quite literally be anything that can hold soil such as: 

  • Pots – in a million different sizes, colors, materials.
  • Flower boxes – in dozens of different materials from plastic to wood.
  • 5-gallon bucket – upcycle one from the job site or grab one from the hardware store.
  • Plastic kitchenware – you know the ones that you can’t find the lid to anymore? Use that one.
  • Tin cans – those little guys are great options for kiddos to dress up for you with a little paint too.
  • Jars – mayo, spaghetti sauce, pickles – all good sources without using up the canning jars. We will need those later.

Pick the Plants

Next, start figuring out what you are going to plant!

For the larger containers, use the tried and true formula of “Thriller + Filler + Spiller.” Identify the plant that you want to be the eye-catching centerpiece – your thriller. Then, pick the “filler” plants that will add fullness to your container. Lastly, to add dimension and various levels to your arrangement, find some “spillers” that are apt for gently falling over the containers.

For smaller containers, simple flowers are perfect choices. Fill them up with some lovely marigolds, pansies, or other favorite annuals.

Call in the Experts

Finally, if the idea of beautifully arranged containers sounds wonderful but overwhelming at all the same time, know that you have a friend in us.

Whether you just want some help picking out the plants so you can still plant them yourself or if you want to have us do the custom potting for you, we have got you covered. We would be delighted to create your front patio planter, hanging basket, or even a leftovers container! 

For more info, check out “Custom Potting” on our website.


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