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Information for gardening is all around us in dozens of different formats. Check out our collection of favorite blogs and apps:

6 Great Gardening Blogs

We have a blog. You probably have a blog. Everyone has a blog – but here are some of the best gardening specific ones we have come across recently.

  1. Garden Therapy – This blog’s creator, Stephanie, started gardening as a means to heal herself physically, but soon found nearly every area of her life was being positively affected by gardening. She has wonderful articles for everyone from beginners to advanced on topics ranging from vegetable gardening to whimsical miniature gardening.
  2. Tilly’s Nest – Melissa Caughey is a jack of all trades on this blog, offering great insight to gardening, beekeeping, and raising chickens to name a few. She has also authored the book “How to Speak Chicken.” We never thought we wanted to speak chicken but with a title like that, it’s hard not to want to give the book a try!
  3. The Impatient Gardener – Located in the southeastern part of Wisconsin, Erin describes her blog as “part information, part inspiration, and a little bit commiseration” and that it is. Sweet inspirations from nature and her own garden are often found alongside her educational topics.
  4. Kids Gardening – This blog is a wonderful resource for helping to be more intentional in bringing kids along on the gardening journey. The blog provides great activities and learning outlets for the entire family.
  5. P. Allen Smith – Some may know P. Allen Smith from his various shows including Garden Home. He has wonderful horticultural knowledge and is delighted to share. Rumor has it that he has a bit of wit that breaks the PBS mold.
  6. Garden & Gun – Although this one is not specifically a garden blog, it has amazing garden features – less how-to and more stories. Oh, and incredible photography and stunning design.

5 Helpful Gardening Apps

There isn’t much that doesn’t have “an app for that” in this day in age. Gratefully, that includes gardening. Below are just a few of the coolest ones we have found that we think you will dig too (we are pun rich over here.)

  1. Veggie Garden Planner – This app allows you to plan your vegetable garden, see what plants make good neighbors, and offers a planting and harvesting calendar.  
  2. Gardroid – In addition to helping plan gardens, this app also provides tips on caring for plants, the right temperature for sowing, progress tracking, and offers a place for your your own note-taking.
  3. My Lawn – Let’s not forget the biggest amount of planting that we care for – our lawn. This app helps you create a customized lawn maintenance program including weed and feed treatments in addition to water tracking.
  4. iScape – In addition to carefully calculating the process of caring for your lawn, adding landscaping to different areas of your yard may be on your radar. This is where the iScape app comes in. It is an augmented reality app that allows for visualization of design before a shovel has been raised. It helps with landscape design, allows for collaboration, and even helps with purchasing.
  5. SmartPlant – Most of us plant lovers enjoy our greenery both indoor and out. SmartPlant helps in offering the best plant care options for your specific plants. They also create a connection between user and experts to allow for chats about care, issues, or general plant conversations.

Now that you have seen a few we think are handy, what are some blogs or apps you have found and loved?

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