Most of your gardening can be done by hand. But certain tools can certainly make the process easier. Here are a few must-have gardening tools to help you tend to your precious plants.

You’ve got your space. You’ve got your plants. Now it’s time to put them in the ground. But how do you do that? Sure, you’ve got your own two hands… but a few handy gardening tools would make your life a whole lot easier.

Here are a few essential gardening tools to have on-hand to keep your plants healthy, hearty, and happy.

Protective Gloves

First things first, protect your hands! Digging in the garden with your bare hands could result in thorns, splinters, and underground critters you probably don’t want to touch. Be sure to have gloves that fit well and aren’t too bulky. They should be durable, water-resistant, and breathable with longer cuffs for wrist protection.

Pruning Shears

Whether you’re harvesting mature plants or removing wilted ones, a good cutting tool is essential. Pruning shears are stronger than your average pair of kitchen scissors, which means cleaner cuts in less time (and fewer hand cramps).

Hand Trowel

When gardening, digging holes is a necessity. A hand trowel with a sturdy blade can help you easily cut into soil remove more dirt with each scoop. Trowels are also handy for measuring soil depths and removing tough weeds.


If you’ve got heavy materials to carry around to your garden (like, say, 60 lbs of soil) a sturdy wheelbarrow can save you a lot of time and effort. The average gardener can get by with one that carries 4-6 cu. feet of material.

Garden Fork

Resembling a miniature rake, garden forks are used to till the ground. This helps loosen soil to provide better aeration. You can also use it for mixing a compost pile to efficiently break down the materials.

Watering Hose

News flash: Plants need water! If your area does not receive a significant amount of rain, a watering hose is the most effective way of quickly distributing water to your plants. Make sure it’s long enough to reach your garden. You may want to invest in a hose nozzle for custom spray patterns.

Soil pH Meter

Do you know if your soil has the correct pH for the type of plants you’re trying to grow? A soil pH meter will help you keep an eye on the levels, along with how much water and sunshine is getting to your garden. 

In addition to plants, Chippewa ValleyGrowers also carries a handful of handy tools to help you handle your gardening pursuits. If you need advice or supplies, visit our greenhouse.

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