April is National Garden Month! So it’s time to get things going (or should we say growing) for the season! Between Earth Day, Arbor Day, meteor showers, and the pink moon, April is kicking off spring in a big way.

Hi there! John Kelly here.

We’re feeling a little restless and excited here at Chippewa Valley Growers… which means we’re coming down with a serious case of spring fever! Like you, we can’t wait for kickoff of the new gardening season. The fact that April is National Garden Month is just the icing on the cake! Here are a few of the fun things happening this month:


Fool’s Spring

Did you know that the holiday on the first of the month actually refers to the Midwestern “Fool’s Spring”?

…April fools! It doesn’t actually, but it seems like it could be true.

We all know that time of the year when the weather suddenly warms up and the sun begins to shine. You break out the shorts and tank tops and spend a few optimistic days outside thinking that maybe – juuuust maybe – this time the mild weather will stick around.

But it doesn’t.

Remember last April when temperatures started at 18 degrees, shot up to 80 degrees, and then plummeted back into the 20s… with snow??

Our predictably unpredictable climate can make gardening tough, especially when you’re just getting started for the season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Pay attention to frost dates to know when to plant, have covers and movable containers ready to protect your plants (if needed), and take the opportunity to get some seedlings started indoors for transplanting later.

Typically, April weather in Eau Claire is expected to be in the 50-60 degree range with a mix of sun, clouds, and rain. If we do get a sudden heat wave, go out and enjoy it! Just be prepared in case “second winter” comes calling.

Significant National Days

April 14 – Gardening Day

There’s no way we couldn’t mention this one! Founded by Cool Springs Press, National Gardening Day encourages gardeners of all skill levels to learn more about the practice. It’s also an opportunity to embrace the mental and physical benefits of gardening – enjoying one of your favorite pastimes while being active outdoors. If you haven’t started yet, let April 14th be your inspiration to get your garden going for the season!

April 22 – Earth Day

For 54 years, Earth Day has mobilized billions of people to take action towards protecting the planet. The largest civic event on Earth is a movement which promotes education and initiatives focused on “combating climate change, protecting biodiversity, and preserving our ecosystems to fight for a sustainable future.”

The theme of Earth Day 2024 is “Planet vs. Plastics” with a goal of reducing global plastic production by 60% by 2040.

April 26 – Arbor Day

The first tree-planting holiday was celebrated in Nebraska on April 10, 1872. At the time, citizens were encouraged to replace trees that had been chopped down and used as fuel and building materials by pioneers. It’s estimated that approximately one million trees were planted that day, and many states adopted the idea over the next several decades.

Almost a century later, the Arbor Day Foundation was founded to promote the mission on a continual basis. Celebrated on the last Friday in April, over 500 million trees have been planted over the past 50 years thanks to this movement.

Honorable Mentions

A few other neat national days this month are Find a Rainbow Day (April 3rd), Orchid Day (April 16th), Garlic Day (April 19th), and Lima Bean Respect Day (April 20th).

Fun Facts

The Pink Moon

April’s full moon – called the “pink moon” – is often associated with the arrival of spring and the rebirth of nature. Contrary to its name, the moon doesn’t actually appear pink, but it does signify the beginning of warmer, more vibrant days. The name is derived from the wild ground phlox – a pink flower that blooms in the springtime.

In 2024, the pink moon will be visible on Tuesday, April 23, reaching it’s peak brightness around 6:49pm CST.

“April” Etymology

While there is no one certain answer as to why the month is called “April”, the name does come from the Roman “Aprilis. Some believe it was inspired by the Latin verb “aperire, meaning “to open” – like the buds of a flower. But others say it likely came from the name “Apru,” the Etruscan form of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Meteor Showers

April Showers aren’t just rain – they’re meteors, too! Each year, the Lyrid meteor shower occurs mid-month as a result of Comet Thatcher passing by. In 2024, the shower will last from April 15-29 and is expected to peak late evening of the 21st until dawn of the 22nd.

Birth Flowers of the Month


Named from the Old English “day’s eye”, daisies open their petals in the morning and close them at night. They symbolize innocence, purity, and new beginnings, as illustrated by their annual reawakening after a winter season of dormancy. Daisies are a delightful reminder to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. They inspire fun, cheerfulness, and joy while complementing springtime celebrations and decor.

Sweet Pea

Though not edible, sweet peas are closely related to crop peas as well as beans and other legumes. They are typically given as a sign of gratitude and well wishes, expressing thanks and appreciation for kindness and friendship. Their well-loved fragrance made them a historically popular choice to be kept in pockets, and is a common scent used in perfumes today.

Happy National Garden Month! As always, if you need supplies, ideas, or advice, stop by Chippewa Valley Growers – we’re happy to help. Until next time… Keep Smiling! Keep Living the Dream!

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