One man’s junk is another’s gardener’s decor. Here are a few environmentally-conscious and low-cost ways to create your dream garden out of upcycled items.

You’ve planned out your garden, picked out your plants, and prepared your space. Now it’s time to add a little flair. And what better way to decorate your garden than by upcycling old items that would’ve otherwise gone to waste? Here’s how you can turn that “junk” into unique garden decor.

Pallet Planter

Wood pallets are popular for upcycling due to their sturdiness and versatility. Using worm clamps and bolts, you can attach flower pots or other containers to the pallet to create a planter. Color the wood with paint and varnish for some extra pop!

Hanging Colander

If you have an old unused colander or if you find one while thrifting, turn it into a cute hanging planter by attaching a carabiner and linked chain to the handles. Voila! An instant plant basket with built-in drainage holes!

Trunk Planter

Trunks can hold a lot of things – even plants! An old metal trunk can add a special touch to your space as a flower bed. Spruce it up with spray paint, or leave it as-is to retain the charm of its original design.

Herb Tins

After you open up the beans, corn, and chicken noodle soup, clean and save those tin cans. They’re the perfect size for starting your own assorted herb garden. Dress them up with spray paint and custom labels.

Tire Planter

Backyard Boss

You may not think of tires as attractive decor, but they can be creatively incorporated into your garden. After a good cleaning (and, perhaps, a little bit of painting), you can create planters by hanging, cutting, or stacking old tires.

Teacup Feeder

Food is a great way to attract wildlife to your garden. And the most creative bird feeder can be made using a simple teacup and saucer. Simply glue the two pieces together using a strong adhesive, attach them to a metal pole, and you’re ready to feed your feathered friends!

We love hearing the different ways our fellow gardeners creatively customize their space. With these environmentally-conscious and low-cost DIY ideas, you’re on your way to creating the garden of your dreams. For more tips, visit us at the greenhouse!

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