When adding color to your yard, the options are virtually endless. Here are a few of our favorite trees and shrubs to take your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary.

The allure of a masterfully landscaped yard lies in its lush greenery and the captivating burst of colors that adorn it. While flowers usually steal the show, trees, and shrubs can play an equally enchanting role in adding vibrancy and year-round beauty to the outside of your home.

1. Pink Spires Flowering Crabapple

The Pink Spires Flowering Crabapple is a vision of elegance, showering your yard with delicate pink blossoms and brick-red leaves each spring. As the seasons change, its foliage takes on a deep coppery green hue in the summer, followed by bright yellow in the fall. (Bonus: It’ll produce plenty of delicious juicy apples, too!)

2. Japanese Snowdance Lilac

The Japanese Snowdance Lilac is a showstopper with stunning clusters of fragrant white blossoms. During the colder months, the blossoms turn a gentle tan while the tree branches transition to a bold red, creating an enchanting atmosphere in your yard.

3. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry offers more than just mesmerizing foliage – it also yields abundant clusters of berries loved by birds. In the spring, its flowers bloom vibrant white before transforming into deep purple fruit. As the name suggests, this tree truly shines in fall, full of stunning red and orange leaves.

4. Early Gold Pear

The Early Gold Pear is a springtime spectacle, showcasing bright white flowers against dark green foliage during the early part of the season. As the season progresses, its foliage shifts to shades of red and purple, contrasting with the delicious greenish-yellow fruit, creating a captivating display.

5. Amur Maple Shrub

The Amur Maple Shrub features clusters of fragrant white flowers that turn into vibrant red fruit. It is perfect for adding a splash of warmth, with fiery leaves in the fall that create a cozy atmosphere in your yard.

6. Northcountry Blueberry

The Northcountry Blueberry is a delightful plant that is both ornamental and fruit-bearing. Its dainty blossoms bloom white with a delicate pink blush and eventually give way to sweet, plump blueberries – a treat for your eyes (and taste buds!)

7. Arctic Fire Dogwood

The Arctic Fire Dogwood is a four-season marvel. The plant grows clusters of small white flowers in spring, highlighted by rich green leaves. In summer, the flowers become blueish white drupes, and the leaves fade to orange. Fall brings about a brilliant transition from red to deep purple. And, finally, in winter, the plant branches turn a stunning red that pops against the snow.

8. Little Lime Hydrangea

The Little Lime Hydrangea is a compact wonder that offers a big style. Its springtime lime-green blossoms mature to a soft pink and eventually rich burgundy. Colder temperatures create an even more dramatic color change, which can be observed after some cool fall nights.

9. Hypericum Cobalt-n-Gold

The Hypericum Cobalt-n-Gold resembles a burst of sunshine with its golden flowers and contrasting blue-green foliage. (UW-EC Blugolds, anyone?) Its fall transition through rich orange and reds is a visual treat that adds warmth to your landscape.

10. Pink Flowering Almond

The Pink Flowering Almond is a vision of pink perfection, adorning your yard with captivating rosy blossoms that announce the arrival of spring. The bright green leaves and reddish bark add an additional whimsical touch.

The best part? You can find various stunning trees and shrubs at Chippewa Valley Growers! Our experts can help you choose the perfect options for your climate, soil, and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a burst of springtime florals or a backdrop of evergreen elegance, your landscape will be an ever-changing masterpiece of nature’s finest hues.

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