We’re proud to provide continuing, nurturing care to all of our healthy, hearty, happy plants. Once you take your plants home, it’s important to maintain a similar level of care and attention.

At Chippewa Valley Growers, we understand the value of regular plant maintenance. It’s how we deliver the happiest, heartiest, and healthiest plants every season.

Effective gardening is so much more than sticking a seed in the dirt and watering it. (although we sometimes wish it was that easy!) It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to grow our beautiful, long-lasting plants. 

Here are a few things you should know when it comes to maintaining your garden.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you’re a gardener, you no doubt enjoy the outdoors and all the spoils the earth has to offer. So you’re probably on board for making your garden as environmentally-friendly as possible. By performing regular garden maintenance, you can produce less waste and potentially save money in the process. By conserving resources and repurposing items that would otherwise go to waste, you greatly enhance your gardening process.

One way to accomplish this is to monitor your water usage. Whether you’re automatically or manually watering your plants, make sure you dispense only what you need so that you’re not creating unnecessary pools in your garden.

You can also harvest seeds from blooming plants and collect clippings that can be regrown. You can increase the amount of plants in your current garden, or save them for next year.

Compost is also an incredibly useful tool for mulching and fertilizing your garden. Best of all, you can make yourself at home! Add leaves, twigs, wilted stems, and other wayward natural debris to your compost bin for future use.

Cleanliness is Close to Godliness

Keeping your space clean Is another important aspect of garden maintenance. Regular cleaning improves the look of your garden and the health of your plants. Removing rotting plants and other debris prevents fungi and diseases from spreading through your precious produce.

Speaking of removing unwanted things, don’t forget to weed your garden. (Yes, we know this is Gardening 101, but it’s always good to be reminded of the basics.) These pesky plants are known for stealing nutrients and inhibiting your garden’s growth. Weeds also tend to harbor unwanted insects and disease. Keeping your space clean deters pests and improves your garden’s overall health. 

Look Good, Feel Good, Taste Good

You gotta admit, it feels pretty nice when your garden is looking good. By clearing debris, removing wilted and rotting plants, and avoiding the addition of excess materials, you greatly improve the overall appearance and condition of your garden. Your neighbors won’t be the only ones noticing your good-looking garden. Pollinators will also find it appealing. 

Your clean, clear, and bright garden will likely attract bees and butterflies that spread pollen and spur additional growth. It also provides ample space for plants to grow and flourish with exposure to the right amount of light, water, and nutrients. The less crowded your garden, the more likely you enjoy a harvest of hearty produce. 

Continuous love and care keep our plants happy and healthy long after you bring them home from our greenhouse. We brought them into this world. Now it’s time for you to raise them as your own.

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