If you like flowers as much as we do, but prefer to grow them in a smaller, easier-to-manage space, a window box may be the perfect solution. Here are some tips for growing happy, healthy, and hearty flowers with minimal “pane.” (Get it? It’s a window joke!)

Window boxes are a great way to care for flowers at home without the need to maintain an entire garden. Here’s how you can keep your blooms healthy and beautiful.


Plants growing in containers tend to need more regular watering than those in a garden. If you’re watering your flowers manually, fully saturate the soil at least once per day (or twice if your area is extra hot and sunny).


In the interest of both health and aesthetics, it’s important to groom your flowers by regularly removing dead leaves, stems, and petals. This not only prevents disease, but it also keeps your box looking fresh and clean.


One essential component for plant growth is sunlight. Make sure to place your flower box in an area of your home that’s not too shady. If you notice your plants not getting an adequate amount of sunshine, move your box to another spot or invest in a sun lamp.


Periodically add fertilizer to your box to ensure your plants are getting enough nutrients. This helps your flowers grow bigger and stronger, resulting in full, robust blooms.


Get a head start on next year’s flower box by preparing your current box for winter.  This typically involves removing dead plant matter and adding organic compost to the soil along with a generous layer of mulch to protect from frost.

No matter how much time or space you have, it’s always possible to bring the joy of caring for plants into your home. Performing regular maintenance in your window flower boxes can be a rewarding experience. If you need some help or advice on how to get started, let us know!

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