We hope every visit to Chippewa Valley Growers is a great one. From the moment you step into our Emerald City, we want you to feel happy, encouraged, and comfortable. That’s why we designed our greenhouse with you in mind! 

Before entering Chippewa Valley Growers during the peak growing season, just know that the abundant color and selection can be overwhelming – in a great way. But we’re here to help! With a wide main aisle and lots of signage to help you navigate our lush landscape, we know that you will like every minute you are here.

1. Boxes

We place cardboard boxes in bins throughout the greenhouse. Grab one or two (or more) to transport the plants in your cart safely. 

2. Signs

Look for signs describing each type of plant along with important information. Nearly every species has a placard featuring a photo and growth habits. All plants have tags inside their pots with additional details specific to their variety.

3. Variety

We do our best to maintain a large variety of annuals and perennials to match your taste and growing area. We also carry a large selection of trees, shrubs, and edibles.

4. Groups

For your convenience, most of the similar plant types are grouped together. For example, accent plants such as grasses and vines are all located in one easy-to-find spot.

5. Shade

We’re throwing shade! The shady spots in the greenhouse help you find the plants that need a little less sunshine. We cover portions of our roof with a cloth to provide a better-growing environment for shade-loving and partial-shade plants.

6. Floor

Need directions? Just look down! You’ll find directions on the floor pointing to some of our most popular selections, like perennials, petunias, and the nursery.

7. Sachets

You may notice small white sachets with our plants. We place packets of beneficial insects inside our hanging baskets and selected pots to control bad insect populations. It’s an added layer of protection to ensure a happy, healthy product.

8. Watering

You won’t see just any staff member with a wand in their hand. Only experienced growers can water our plants because watering is an art (especially at the early stages of growing). Even plants that look dry have been given the perfect amount of water.

9. Staff

When in doubt, find an orange shirt! During the peak season, our staff is everywhere, and YOU are their number one priority. The sweeping and organizing can wait – You come first.

1. Hoses

Hoses pose a wet threat to customers. We don’t want you tripping in the greenhouse, so we strive to complete our watering before we open for the day. The only exception is when we purposely water tomatoes after lunch. This allows them to wilt, encouraging better root and stem development in young plants.

2. Weeds

Left unattended, weeds can attract pests and cause contamination. We try to keep weeds controlled and our greenhouse clean. If you ever see weeds in another greenhouse… be wary. 

3. Potting Mix

Instead of a traditional potting mix, we use a peat moss and bark mixture that retains more moisture to endure the doggiest days of summer. This mixture does not contain fertilizer, so we formulate our own. Some people say the soil looks dry, but we assure you it’s not.

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